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Thread: Develop, then expose

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    EMMERMAN PROCESS. The Emmerinan process, some-times called the Direct
    Person Process, is a method of producing masks directly on photographic
    prints during processing for the purpose of obtaining good tone
    separation. The Emmerman process is an automatic masking method for use
    in prolection printing. With this method, a silver mask is formed on
    paper by partially exposing a sheet of sensitive paper soaked with
    developer, on a glass plate on enlarger easel and allowing it to
    develop out fully before completing the exposure and developing the
    print in a tray.
    The mask formed protects the shadow or dark areas of print so they do
    not become blocked up on the second exposure. The method is of
    particular value in making prints from negatives of subjects having an
    extreme brightness range, or an exposure scale too long for the print
    Three requirements are necessary for success with the Emmerman process.
    The developer must not fog or stain the wet paper while the mask is
    being made. The emulsion should not show reversal tendencies during
    the second exposure. It is advisable to use a paper grade one degree
    more contrasty than the negative normally requires.
    No idea who Emmerman was.
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    Good find. From old SMPTE papers and Neblette's Photo Materials and Processes (1952) it looks like he may have been a German photo chemist working in the 20's and 30's. Not Norwegian at all.
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    reminds me a bit about chemical painting. In this case we "place" the developer on the paper as it is being exposed.


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