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  1. Budget Softbox Suggestion?
  2. old flashes help
  3. Why do we say "strobe" ?
  4. portable strobe kit question
  5. do I need a handheld light meter?
  6. Got me a YN568EX
  7. Need advice on Softboxes with continuous light.
  8. Strobe Light For Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox
  9. Having trouble with my Lumopro LP180
  10. YN560II - outdoors photography question
  11. Sleep mode on speedlight.
  12. Speedlights vs Strobes
  13. Flashpoint 320m Not firing with RF-603 Remote Trigger when connected to camera shoe
  14. umbrella size?
  15. Anyone have a Neewer TT850 (or Godox v850)?
  16. Rechargeable battery in your speed lights?
  17. Prophoto B1 Air TTL or Prolite MBX500?
  18. Sony Alpha and external flash.
  19. Novatron 600watt - 3Head Strobe Kit
  20. Einstein 640w used
  21. Energizer Digital Power Zoom i-TTL Flash for Nikon DSLR - anyone used this?
  22. Building a walk-in light booth
  23. Replacing a Nikon SB-600 with a Yongnuo YN-510EX or YN-565EX Read more: http://nikon
  24. Yongnuo speedlites
  25. Good Brand fo usedr Flash/Light meter
  26. Continuous v strobe lighting for product photos
  27. Are softboxes for speedlights reusable with strobes
  28. YN-622-tx and triggers
  29. Lighting thoughts for small group photo booth.
  30. Deciding best Setup for a particular person
  31. Question about how flash works with transmitter?
  32. Can Pocket Wizard work with Yongnuo flashes? And which ones?
  33. Strobe or Speedlite?
  34. Shoot through umbrellas
  35. Lighting questionon continuos shots
  36. Flash extenders
  37. Question about speedlights and HSS
  38. Speedlite YN560?
  39. Canon 5D mark iii with multiple Yongnuo canon copy flash's. Please help
  40. Yongnuo YN568ex ii
  41. Yongnuo YN-622N-TX
  42. In studio lighting setup for large family portraits
  43. got some halogen work lights, how to keep them from blinding the subject..
  44. Looking for bulb suggestions for my cheap lighting rig.
  45. Flash Bracket, Lightsphere? In need of some lighting tips.
  46. Studio Setup Recommendation and Advice
  47. Pregnancy photoshoot next we, first time in a studio please help !!!
  48. OCF Start Up Kit
  49. "Studio" lighting suggestions?
  50. A little help with some questions about Speedotron Brownline for small product
  51. Anyone out there with green screen experience?
  52. Good way to light paint
  53. Has anyone used a Yongnuo YN 560 III
  54. Sync Cable
  55. Need to put together inexpensive, portable lighting kit ...
  56. I don't get it...
  57. Using an IR illuminator increase the video quality even in complete darkness.
  58. Ring lighting.
  59. Buying my first studio lights?
  60. PEGASUS studio flash
  61. outdoor photography.
  62. Meike 910 or other cheap HSS
  63. Seamless Background Mounting Kit Question
  64. Built in flash vs trigger
  65. Indoor portraiture essential kit idea?
  66. shooting on a day light polariser filter or reflectors ?
  67. New strobes are in! Light modifiers?
  68. Thoughts on Umbrella Lights?
  69. Hasselblad H1
  70. What are the good brands to get for Monolights?
  71. Repeating Flash mode with Metz AF-1 on D600
  72. 45 Exposures for One Image...
  73. Great pictures using just a reflector
  74. New here and need some help
  75. cheap lighting for use with low end camera
  76. how to attach a softbox to a lightstand?
  77. Dark line at bottom of photos w/ studio lights
  78. Need Advice on a Double Polarizing Setup
  79. Using a Flash off the camera: Radio trigger? Wifi?
  80. Speedlight Issues - Help
  81. On Axis fill light, ring light vs parabolic
  82. How to fit modifier to old Bowens Monolite 400?
  83. Budget Lighting Kit
  84. Studio lighting
  85. Triggers for Speedlites
  86. So close....
  87. Do I need to modify a hair light?
  88. Thoughts on Beginner Lighting Kit
  89. JJC Off-camera flash cord (Samsung NX system)?
  90. Gel on flash
  91. Flash trigger and reciever
  92. Going Crazy Syncing Strobes
  93. Leaf Valeo 22 and the Mamiya?
  94. Everyday home lighting?
  95. Softbox into stripbox
  96. Flash Zoom
  97. E-books for Flash Guns/speedlights tutorial?
  98. Alien Bees vs 580ex ii
  99. Low budget lighting kit?..
  100. Affordable and portable equipment for portraits and headshots
  101. Planning to buy my first lighting equipments HELP PLS
  102. Portrait lighting
  103. flash trigger sugesstion
  104. Studio photography - lighting
  105. Huge 180W CFL
  106. What exactly are light meters and do i need one?
  107. New Gear
  108. Some questions and a crazy idea for continuous lighting film portraits
  109. Using a speedlight and in camera metering...
  110. Gels
  111. What strobe light would you reccomend for outdoor shooting?
  112. PocketWizard: Thinking Getting one...???
  113. Can anyone help me with this lighting?
  114. Combining slower and faster strobes - studio set-up
  115. What studio equipment to buy?
  116. pc sync question
  117. Wireless trigger mount ideas?
  118. Studio lighting-HELP!
  119. Any tips for Football Uniform Photography?
  120. Has anyone used the yongnuo flashes?
  121. Fashion Glamour Photographer. Need Help. How to achieve this type of look on a Model?
  122. Metering for more than one light
  123. recommendations on a quality diffuser?
  124. DIY Lighting
  125. Hassalblad V Mount Adapter?
  126. when to bounce flash vs point
  127. How to use HIgh Speed Synch in Camera
  128. Just got the X150 Home Studio Lighting Kit for Christmas
  129. Gary Fong Lightsphere...
  130. Does anybody here use a portable backdrop system for large paper rolls for portraits?
  131. I need a bag for my AlienBees
  132. Need help! in studio using strobe lights
  133. HSS (High-Speed Sync) and image quality
  134. newbie question about lighting for repetitive stills
  135. External flash- blinding red beam of light
  136. Vendor-neutral wireless flash setup?
  137. Introduction into studio and strobe lighting
  138. Fill Flash Suggestions Please
  139. Back to the shutter speed and strobe debate...
  140. Question about flash sync speed
  141. Hollywood glamour lighting?
  142. Can you mix mono lights and speedlights??
  143. question regarding 3 pint lighting for video documentaries
  144. question regarding rogue flashbenders
  145. Need help choosing right pc sync cable.
  146. I own crop frame - studio equipment or full frame camera next?
  147. Ring Light for Macro Photography Question
  148. neutral density gel sheet
  149. Newbie needs help with off camera flash
  150. anybody try the Neewer TT850 flash?
  151. How many watt seconds do I need?
  152. Flashpoint 620m guide numbers
  153. Recommendations for Home Studio Lighting
  154. Lighting modifier with reddish hue
  155. How sensitive is the optical trigger on the YN560II?
  156. Monolight Suggestions
  157. Continuous Lighting Set-Up HELP
  158. Flash setup - any good?
  159. Questions on external flashes for macro and high-speed capture.
  160. help with flash
  161. White box important question.
  162. second speed light... some help please
  163. Triggering a Canon flash with a Sony camera?
  164. Flash lighting question
  165. Lighting, who to buy from and what should you expect
  166. Different modifiers for portrait photography
  167. Got to see the Profoto B1's in action today!
  168. help on flashes
  169. Flashpoint- m series vs dg series?
  170. Will different brand shoot through umbrellas cast a different hue or effect?
  171. Canon Rebel T3 and 320ex remote firing
  172. Outdoor/Indoor Fashion photoshoot
  173. Phottix Stratos ii
  174. With this flash set up and my camera will I be able to freeze motion?
  175. Syncing Strobes
  176. Assembly Help Please?
  177. Pocketwizard flex & d7100 FAIL other options?
  178. Older flash on newer camera?
  179. First flash-strobe vs speedlight.
  180. 3 light set up
  181. lighting night time shoot on the street with neon lights
  182. Flash vs. Soft Box
  183. Help with choosing umbrella needed. Please advise.
  184. What Do I Need to Mount My Nikon D5200 to aLastolite McNally 24" White Ezybox
  185. Flash Sync Problem
  186. YN-560 II vs. III and a question about a high speed wireless trigger
  187. Good Strobist / OCF websites????
  188. New to studio lights, need help
  189. Indoor Portrait Advice
  190. Setting up a room studio with 1 flash light and 1 softbox with fluorescent bulb
  191. simple question about remote lighting
  192. Flash umbrella producing hard light
  193. Please Recommend a 2nd Flash for Fill Light and Lighting Backdrops
  194. Lumopro LP-180 or YN-560 III
  195. Understanding Watts/S
  197. suggestions for colored gels.
  198. Looking for a Novatron SSK4 owner - need a little advice
  199. Is There A Cheat Sheet for External Flash Settings?
  200. from one light to two lights
  201. Achieving Fluorescent Green
  202. Zoomed vs up-close details
  203. Flash trigger to adjust manual flash setting
  204. What flashes do you guys have?
  205. annoying shadows
  206. 2 Strobe Kits for Beginner
  207. Help Needed: Even lighting on DIY green screen
  208. YN565EX, too bright
  209. Promaster FTD 6000Xi Flash
  210. Slave controlling a slave?
  211. Parabolic umbrella tips
  212. Flash problem Canon 650d + Yongnuo YN467
  213. What lighting equipment do I need to take a photo like this?
  214. Pictures for website
  215. Plese help me understand "some" of the basics in lighting...
  216. flash trigger prolems :( please help
  217. King Pro Trigger/Receiver
  218. Distance between flash and umbrella.
  219. Creative Mounting
  220. Photoshoot room
  221. Which falsh trigger should I get?
  222. Help with Triggering BRX500 heads
  223. Unable to remove Bowens Snoot from Gemini Head
  224. Photo Studio Equipment ?
  225. Canon vs Yongnuo vs Metz flashes
  226. black bar
  227. Help with OCF
  228. triple flash bracket.
  229. Profoto B1
  230. smith victor q60/k62
  231. Ice light
  232. flashpoint quad shoe mount bracket - help.
  233. hot shoe screw- help !
  234. flash trigger help please
  235. Arri 650w plus fresnel?
  236. External Flash Problems
  237. Looking to purchase at home studio kit... beginner seeking help!
  238. PocketWizard Webinar at 1PM EDT Today
  239. new to the studio
  240. Polarized filters and polarized gel screens questions and more.
  241. Nikon with Yongnuo 565EX and Nissin Di866, help with iTTL and CLS
  242. Do you use your lens hood when shooting indoors?
  243. Help ID this light
  244. Decent lighting kit
  245. CLS vs. Manual Flash for Product Photography
  246. Seeking advice on using beauty dish for outdoor shooting
  247. getting into indoor portraits - some advice
  248. Taking pics inside bar, flash or no flash.
  249. Help With Advice on Taking a Strobe Mobile
  250. Help With Advice on Taking a Strobe Mobile