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  1. video for my brother
  2. GH3 Brokenman Trailer
  3. Very new to DSLR video
  4. Is it worth to upgrade to Nikon D5300 or other camera for better video
  5. DSLR with 1080/30FPS and Mic Input used options
  6. Free music resource for anyone who is interested
  7. A good $1,000 DSLR for shooting low light video?
  8. Teaser from my new timelapse film
  9. Video: tropical harvestman eating a midge
  10. ANT WITH BREAD & A DEAD ANT Macro Photography | ZoomMan
  11. PARMA HAM Macro Photography | ZoomMan
  12. ELECTRIC SHAVER Macro Photography | ZoomMan
  13. New Camera Advice? Will be used to shoot a lot of Video)
  14. DUST Macro Photography | ZoomMan
  15. Got any tips for moving time lapse?
  16. Canon 70d for video?
  17. Recording video of fireworks
  18. 101 Airborne Medic SHORT FILM
  19. Problem with wireless mic levels using Shure Mic and Lumix GH3
  20. Need wireless clip-on microphone for dslr
  21. Advice on making a time lapse of a 200hr long project
  22. Replacement hot shoe mount for Rode VideoMic Pro?
  23. DSLR video mode....Nikon D3100....does anyone know how to switch to video mode?
  24. My Cinematic Photoshoot
  25. May Camelopardalids
  26. Video Head-to-Head: Canon 5D III vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  27. can't prevent rolling shutter when recording lasers!
  28. Video Lighting
  29. D7000 video not playing 'real time' on computer...
  30. Busking for Change
  31. How does my video color look?
  32. Italy timelapse
  33. Changing video filters in post production?
  34. Video programs
  35. Timelapse of Zakynthos Greece
  36. The best DSLR set up for music videos $2,000 can buy...
  37. Question about exposing for outdoors while in video mode.
  38. Mystery Camera
  39. Using an IR light with sony a99
  40. Help with roofing commercial
  41. ISO, LaForet's multiples of 160, 320, 640 etc.
  42. Minute or less
  43. 5D3 shutter speed changes in manual mode?
  44. How can I achieve a normal exposure with fixed shutter speed/aperature?
  45. New Toy - Varavon Slidecam 800
  46. I want to do video blogs.. but high quality .. limited budget
  47. Videos
  48. Documentary
  49. Question about installing cinestyle for video.
  50. Bought Nikon 610. How do to get the most out of my camera for video? Manual Lens?
  51. Video tethering
  52. Canon 600D Kitlens video (automotive)
  53. GoPro Chest Mount Question
  54. Advice required on camera to use for video podcasting
  55. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4
  56. eazy handle v2
  57. Trying to get the A Good Day to Die Hard look.
  58. Is this style of cinematography good by today's standards?
  59. Nikon video...
  60. Problem with recording disco lights
  61. Best camera OR Camcorder for Cinematography
  62. Canon 70D test footage
  63. How to make a background in a video whiter
  64. Camera & Set Up Choices- HELP!
  65. People have been asking to see my video setup.
  66. Some help getting started, chosing a mount/stabilizer
  67. Help with shooting a real estate video
  68. Lost and found in Morocco. My first Video. Feedback?
  69. suggestion quick release system
  70. A good snow this morning
  71. Please Help. DSLR video noob
  72. A short clip from London trip.
  73. A short clip from London trip.
  74. GH3 + 12-35mm Sunset Timelapse
  75. My latest attempt
  76. Top Cameras for youtube vids - under $800 - help?
  77. Bright Future Time lapse (Full HD )
  78. Does VR affect video footage?
  79. What would you choose Canon 70d or sony a77 !
  80. Slideshow Help
  81. Car video: Canon 600d standard kitlens 15-55 (tripod only)
  82. Swedish 70s rock , music video
  83. My Photo Video - Check it out!
  84. Does ISO on Nikon D3100 VIDEO even make a difference?
  85. Laser Light Burns a DSLR Sensor in Canon 7D
  86. Pentax K-30 or Nikon D3200 or something else for video recording?
  87. My time lapse video C&C please
  88. Audio-post processing on dialogue in wilderness footage
  89. Laser Light Burns a DSLR Sensor in Canon 7D
  90. nikon d800 video test
  91. video test my canon 1dx 50mm f1.2
  92. Musicvideo
  93. Help us test a new video production iPad app?
  94. Graveyard short short
  95. Indoor video with Nikon D3200
  96. Location tips and stuffs?
  97. Office video studio up to $1200
  98. Jib / Crane
  99. Car video Canon 600d 15-55 kitlens (honda S2000)
  100. Canon 60D, 70D, or Nikon D7100 for
  101. Nikon DX's for video.
  102. Testing out the MKIII Video
  103. strange neon specks appearing when filming (D3200)?
  104. Plural Eyes and Audio/Video Speed-matching
  105. DSLR Video Stabilizer Help
  106. Have a look tell me what you think
  107. Wireless Mic for Canon t3i
  108. Nikon d3200 video, check out this video I made and help me by voting!
  109. Aerial shots
  110. which of these cameras is better?
  111. Which Attenuator cable to get?
  112. D5200: Significant Horizontal Line Problems at 60fps? Why does no one talk about this
  113. Looking for advice on what to use to shoo video of outdoor wildlife.
  114. Upgrading D90 to D7000 for better video?
  115. Virginia Fall Classic
  116. Shooting myself, high quality with no cameraman
  117. Long term time lapse photos
  118. Best Bokeh in a Vintage Lens?
  119. Need a rugged, secure time lapse video set up at a construction site
  120. Hip Hop video Canon t2i
  121. Probably the best time lapse ever!!!!!
  122. Slow Motion Recording Ideas?
  123. The Narrows in Zion National Park HD (6D)
  124. Kinda lost in color correction
  125. Washington DC Time Lapse
  126. Video help.
  127. "Strollabout" - An Experiment in Mood & Movie Film Overlays
  128. Sony NEX 5R Wonderful Cinematogrpahy
  129. Time Lapse Night Summer 2013, Canon 1100D & 5D Mark II with Magic Lantern Firmware
  130. DSLR For One Man Documentary
  131. 5D Mark III Enhancement Softwares
  132. editing a video
  133. What is the best video format to shoot in?
  134. Filming with the canon 60d problem
  135. Hacked the Sony ECM-AW3 bluetooth microphone to accept external inputs
  136. Canon 5D mk III Raw video
  137. Tablet as a monitor?
  138. Looking for mirrorless 4/3 for video with mic input & headphone jack.
  139. DSLR Sound Recording
  140. Anyone here shoot a lot of video with a d800?
  141. Long exposure video - is it possible?
  142. Canon 6D and a flycam nano
  143. Best lens for filming with a DSLR
  144. Best overall DSLR or mirrorless for video
  145. Nikon Cinema
  146. Cloud Timelapse
  147. Why does the video off of my D5200 look strange?
  148. Canon T3i Video Setup?
  149. Choppy video with DSLR
  150. Canon T2i with Flycam Nano
  151. Advice on a set of continuous lights?
  152. Range of a Shotgun Mic ?
  153. Can you shoot video in a Camera WITHOUT lens??
  154. New Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Video
  155. Cars & Coffe
  156. Animal Videos
  157. Slices & other oddities
  158. my latest timelapse/music video
  159. Fun video
  160. Raw vs. Jpeg
  161. Focus Rising @ Carlilse All Ford Nationals
  162. Upgrading for video.....
  163. Shooting video on DSLR can damage your sensor
  164. Exco's Videos
  165. Grainy Video can't fix it.
  166. Panasonic GH2 shoots "2 Guns" new Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg movie
  167. Classics
  168. medieval short film
  169. VERY, VERY Unscientific 6D RAW DNG comparison
  170. mikeschmeee's Videography Thread
  171. My Proposal caught on video :)
  172. Vivid Sydney 2013 timelapse
  173. Car Show video
  174. Going to be making dslr vids and need some help
  175. d3100 loud bass distortion
  176. My first time lapse
  177. Time lapse from SoCal back to Vegas
  178. 2014 Porsche Cayman Launch Party
  179. Choosing a DSLR for Music Videos
  180. Sun Help
  181. First Short Film - The Errand
  182. making video with canon 5D2
  183. Sony a57 or Nikon 5200 - dslr's with auto focus video settings
  184. Shooting movies with DSLRs (D3100)
  185. New to DSLR video making.. need a little advise.
  186. Starscape time lapse videos / star trail photography
  187. Need help deciding what camera and equipment to use/purchase
  188. Glidecam HD2000 or HD4000?
  189. Hobbyist looking for feedback
  190. VW Jetta Clean Diesel :)
  191. Magic Lanern is trying to record RAW video with Canon DSLRs!
  192. My first time lapse.
  193. Great line in EOSHD's GH3 review
  194. Canon T3i as a live stream camera...heat issues?
  195. Blue Mountains, Australia (timelapse)
  196. Codename E-DIRTY
  198. Please, I need professional opinion about shot movies with DSLR Cameras.
  199. Good lens for video? (Beginner)
  200. Cinematography will be changed forever!
  201. Videos tips and techniques?
  202. D3100 Video focusing problem
  203. Advice on using my Nikon D5100 for video
  204. Shoulder Rig
  205. Some of my 7d short films.
  206. Affordable lavalier mic?
  207. D3200 video camera lifeline
  208. Canon7D Best Settings?
  209. Shooting videos/photos at night time in city Canon 650D vs Nikon 5100D
  210. Manual exposure with the D7000?
  211. Vid shots limited with DSLR?
  212. Night video with DSLR
  213. DSLR Magic Lantern Light Streak Time Lapse
  214. Any software for this?
  215. My New video "With Ziga"
  216. Canon t4i audio input problems
  217. AIS Lens on 3100 for video?
  218. Lumix GH2 Anamorphic Lens?
  219. Shoulder Rig for DSLR video
  220. EF 50mm f1.4 or EF 85mm f1.8
  221. Noise of auto focus she using video mode
  222. Video: Nikon or Canon
  223. Video Options
  224. Using video on Nikon d5100
  225. Rap Your Own Adventure
  226. D800 vs D4 shocking comparison
  227. My lapse...
  228. Basic D3100 Video Recording Questions.
  229. Nikon D3100 Question
  230. New to this site and Video!
  231. Nikon D3100 Grainy Video
  232. Nikon body options (for video?)
  233. motion panorama avi
  234. Canon Live Learning Immersion
  235. Wedding Video
  236. Video with P/S
  237. New guy!
  238. Filmed this with my t3i (tips? )
  239. Homemade Steady Cam ( need opinions and tips )
  240. Homemade Steady Cam ( need opinions and tips )
  241. Nikon video recording question.
  242. Panasonic GH2 OR GH3 That is the question.
  243. D5100 - Video - manual lens - uses and purpose
  244. First video to share.
  245. Cinematography Material
  246. CHEAP dlsr with video recoding??
  247. Question about Nikon dslr cameras.
  248. Best affordable DSLR for Cinematography
  249. How to reset shutter count of Canon 5D Classic
  250. Timelapse