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  1. What's the effective distance at telephoto setting for 8mm camera with 9-27mm lens?
  2. Diy family portriat.
  3. Lighting mare
  4. *FLASH* the basics
  5. find author of the photo
  6. "White Levels" in Photoshop or LR
  7. I need help! Can anyone stitch some photos of Notre Dame de Paris together for me?
  8. couples, f-stops and sharpness
  9. Lens Calibration
  10. Traveling and citiscapes: 16-35mm zoom + 50mm prime OR 24-70mm? (fullframe)
  11. Perfect white backgrounds
  12. Landscape photography
  13. How is this effect achieved?
  14. Drawbacks to a super high shutter speed?
  15. Help with lens stacking technique for macro photography
  16. How to determine the dynamic range of a camera - my experiment
  17. Gray Background?
  18. What should I bring?
  19. First Model Shoot with a "real" model...
  20. Always too bright....
  22. My photography business
  23. Taking pictures of fireworks. Some suggestions.
  24. Back button focusing
  25. Engagement photos advice
  26. There's better things to worry about than mastering your camera
  27. how to get clear eyes ?
  28. How to avoid being noticed in photos and appear blur?
  29. Calculating field of view
  30. Time lapse photography with the 7D???
  31. clear photos
  32. How would you shoot this scene?
  33. Question: Portrait at the falls.... At night.
  34. Car Studio Tips
  35. How to get starburst effect?
  36. What's the need for so many focal points? Isn't just one enough?
  37. Experience with Modelmayhem website
  38. Could use some advice -- very frustrated!
  39. Need quick answer
  40. Focus Preferences: Landscapes
  41. Need some tips/advice for portraits of 9 month old
  42. Any tips for shooting aquatics?
  43. Shooting wide open...
  44. Concerning the Exposure Debate... (i'm gonna get flamed!)
  45. zoom after picture taken???
  46. Would you shoot a white subject in bright light at +5 EV?
  47. During one full cycle of shutter, is open phase first followed by closed?
  48. Carnival photography
  49. Boudoir soft focus and hazy look
  50. Tack sharp group photo question
  51. Composition Advice
  52. DoF - straight or curved?
  53. Stacking photos for star trails - light foreground?
  54. Can you shoot a family of 4 with 1 flash studio setup??
  55. urgent help needed with nightclub crowd shots
  56. Not sure where to ask this so ill start here. B&W photos
  57. F-stops Explained
  58. *confused from conflicting information someone clear this up!
  59. Confused about why so many of my dslr photos are going blurry
  60. How do autofocus points work in relation to DOF?
  61. How do you do to shoot a first wedding?
  62. What's this color cast?
  63. Inside sport shooting tecnique
  64. Picture controls
  65. Are pixels square or rectangular in their angular field of view?
  66. Help Me Plan a Studio Room
  67. Taking low light photos inside few questions
  68. 1st Time to Shoot a Wedding
  69. Full Manual?
  70. Autofocus issue or user error? Help!
  71. Improving dark/dusk sky in cityscape photos
  72. Help! What Settings?! ahhh
  73. Digital noob needs help w/ infant photos
  74. Backdrop question
  75. Tilt Shift / Macro effect without tilt shift lens or Editing! ( Check this out )
  76. Weird concentric circle pattern. 5d Mk2 Star Trails
  77. Tips on shooting night mardi gras parades...
  78. I feel dumb, check your LCD protectors for straightness
  79. Doing a photo booth
  80. Imitate this image, advice needed
  81. ND filter, please help....
  82. Inconsistant metering
  83. Can't get shallow enough dof when taking close up pictures
  84. Want to shoot Sports?
  85. Backdrop help
  86. Upside down Ghosting in images
  87. NewBorn Photography
  88. How to Shoot Someone?
  89. What would cause this blurring?
  90. trying to improve beach sunset pictures
  91. Question about focal length and portraits
  92. At what mode do you usualy shooting ?
  93. Need help on how to make a shooting to wrestlers.
  94. Taking photos at night
  95. noise. noISE, NOISE
  96. The Myth of the Model Release?
  97. Upcoming celestial events...
  98. Wine Bottle
  99. So I Learned
  100. Movment photos?
  101. First Couple Photoshoot
  102. Wine Bottle
  103. Suggestions for shooting performances with lots of different lighting effects?
  104. Why such High ISO?
  105. Seeking advice on long-exposure night photos with isolated bright lights
  106. Long exposure question
  107. Tripod vs VR
  108. Im a blind photographer!
  109. photography in the cold
  110. Photo Shoot Soon - Tips?
  111. Need more knowledge on exposure
  112. shots like this?
  113. Your Camera's Meter Will Lie to You.....
  114. Pre-Processing thoughts??
  115. Tips for photographing water
  116. Tips on photographing indoors *birth photography"
  117. what do you most want to photograph?
  118. Travelling, which lenses to take?
  119. Shooting my first wedding soon, need some advice!
  120. help! crash course in group photography?!
  121. Water Fowl / Wildlife Photography
  122. Christmas Snaps
  123. Low Light Shooting
  124. The Milky Way
  125. Focus point for sharp eyes, 2 person portrait?
  126. Focus and exposure question
  127. Is this a lens flare?
  128. Shooting Nat'l Zoo holiday light presentation help needed!
  129. Lens condensation
  130. Taking pictures of a band tonight. Advice?
  131. Alternative to Muslin?
  132. High speed, Low Light, High Stress
  133. Wide angle macro?
  134. Help with taking large group photo
  135. Clothing photography with a "floating" look.
  136. Photos look flat!
  137. Shooting a Rally race in a few hours. (mono pod question)
  138. Noob question, is there a way to 'meter' color?
  139. Really good summary of the Color wheel and why it works
  140. Tips for Cold Weather Photography
  141. Black and White = Gray Scale?
  142. Tips for shooting a wedding in snowy conditions? :)
  143. Weird bird appeared on photo, technical error?
  144. Tips for Holiday Light Photography
  145. Suggestion - Critique generating ring site feature
  146. Astrophotography Help Please?
  147. Huge 'uh, duh!' moment today with regards to posing
  148. focus isses: DOF vs shutter speed vs AF settings
  149. Flying to a location - what gear to take?
  150. Car photography background
  151. Railroad family portraits
  152. What shutter speed is necessary to prevent motion blur at a "gathering"?
  153. The "feel" and use of different focal lengths...
  154. [advice needed] Back against the wall
  155. white balance
  156. Price package comparision for Canon T4i and Nikon D5100
  157. Beginner: How to emulate this style
  158. Is RAW really worth it?
  159. Wide aperture vs. high ISO... Is my reasoning good here?
  160. how is this done?
  161. The Nutcracker Ballet
  162. How to get this photo style in Photoshop?
  163. Why you should have a shot notebook, and why it should be a yellow legal pad
  164. Hummingbirds & Flash speeds
  165. Confusing White Balance Experiment !! Explanation Please :)
  166. Asked to take photos at a babyshower?
  167. Photo tip...Creating Drama with Backlight
  168. Underwater Photography
  169. Traveling to Vegas for a few days. Best walk around lens?
  170. Big Shoot Tomorrow
  171. Posing help - brothers, shoot tomorrow
  172. Can I get some clarification on DOF and Hyperfocal Distance (HFD)?
  173. Shooting a large estate, any advice welcome.
  174. What lens filter color should I use?
  175. How to shoot in a big room?
  176. Advice needed for Santa & kids shoot
  177. Macro Techniques
  178. What shot hooked you?
  179. Your biggest 'uh, duh' moments
  180. What's Better To Improve My Low Light Shoots? A Lighter Lens Or A Speedlite?
  181. Model Shoot Advice Needed
  182. Take pictures at real-world size without a 1:1 lens
  183. help needed for shooting small music venue
  184. faint background colors differ
  185. Camera Focus or Lack There of!
  186. How does a photographer achieve this look? In the lighting or the post processing?
  187. Exposure compensation or Program Shift?
  188. Best focus / Meter mode for newborn WITH 3 yr old brother?
  189. Speedlite
  190. Photography without an assistant
  191. Low light beach shots
  192. Controling ambient light with sutterspeed
  193. How was this done?
  194. How do i achieve this look?
  195. Tint option in canon s2
  196. Exposure question in low-light environment
  197. What's the difference between an f-stop and a t stop?
  198. Please help: ND filters and outdoor portraits
  199. Shooting a meteor shower?
  200. Dealing with high contrast shoots
  201. Focusing in lowlight for LE?
  202. Highly Detailed Portraits
  203. What should be in your bag?
  204. Photographing Ballet
  205. what mode do you shoot in?
  206. Proof read my brain before newborn shoot
  207. Shooting JPEG in color for Black and White Images
  208. Compact/bridge cameras etc - Flash +/- compensation
  209. I've been hoodwinked! Macro close up lens...
  210. Exposure compensation the answer to Teleconverters??
  211. Reversed Lens DOF Ponderings...
  212. Hit or miss, what am I doing wrong?
  213. Winter Photography -24C or -11.2C
  214. Brace yourselves, winter is coming
  215. duck decoys? photo blinds?
  216. I'm looking for resources to help learn how to better photograph people
  217. Harsh sunlight question
  218. Framing properly for standard cropping??? PLEASE help
  219. Very, very large group poses
  220. Indoor Lacrosse Shoot
  221. Depth of Field in 3D
  222. Best lens for shooting portrait and wedding shots
  223. Shooting in Color to make Black and White images
  224. need help with car photography with girls
  225. Concert Photography
  226. Amateur Light Photography Help?
  227. Posing help...
  228. Tips for use of reflectors for outdoor portraits
  229. Looking for some tips on low-light portraits...
  230. Digital Fig Leaf (May be NSFW!)
  231. Wedding options
  232. Review of spot meter and centre weighted picture
  233. Let's talk metering related to subject color in the same lighting.
  234. How to shoot parties?
  235. I think high ISO my images? Losts of noise.
  236. any ideas what background material this is?
  237. lightroom just lost all its color
  238. Last minute advice needed
  239. Run Way Photography.
  240. Automotive Interior Photography - How is this style done??
  241. A serious noise issue... software to the rescue?
  242. AstroPhotography - Milkyway?
  243. Full, Half, or Thirds?
  244. Testing Lens for sharpness and focus???
  245. Autopoles
  246. Challenging shadow
  247. Anybody know anything about shooting water polo?
  248. Shooting a friend with "challenging" features
  249. Filter and converter
  250. setting up a backdrop(3 roller) mount -ceiling or wall?