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    I CBA reading the rest of this forum...
    Basically What ken's experiment was
    NOT setting 2 cameras to the same exposure setting, Even if you did this test with a Canon 500D and a Nikon D90 the results would be different...

    The experiment was to EXPOSE ACCURATELY even if the camera was 5 stops lower then the P&S

    At the end of the day, It was the final result he was comparing of 2 accurately exposed images
    the reason ken doesn't use a large aperture in the test is cause P&S cannot shoot as quick as a DSLR so he used a middle Aperture

    not set 2 cameras to the EXACT SAME (which you haven't, Your EV on the compact may be different from the DSLR etc..) values
    But expose the images correctly and compare the reuslts in terms of sharpness, Colour, bokeh etc...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chip View Post
    If your camera does not matter, I wonder why does Ken Rockwell own more fancy cameras than most people? He may claim that he's only buying the cameras to review for us. Why doesn't he sell them as soon as he's done with his reviews?
    This one is easy. Either he's an idiot or he's in on the take from Nikon. He'll deny both but I'm sure both apply.

    Quote Originally Posted by chip View Post
    If your camera does not matter, I wonder why he kept raving about his new $7000 Leica M9 body only when he could have bought a "true raw" 35mm disposal camera from WalMart for $7 with a lens?
    Because it's a Lecia man!

    Quote Originally Posted by chip View Post
    I think this guy is full of it. I read his articles with a grain of salt.
    I agree but I simply gave up reading anything on his site.

    Here's a question. Why did you resurrect this thread 6 months after it has died a well deserving death? Although thank you. I never did see DScience's response to my point. I am talking about scientific validity and he is bringing up how different the experiments were for both cameras. Good laugh.
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    An old and long since dead thread. Start a new one if you really must.
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