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    Lens Suggestions For Outdoor Event


    I've been asked to shoot a 25th wedding anniversary party that will be held outdoors.

    I'm quite comfortable with my Nikon D300 and have come to rely almost entirely on the 18-200mm VR lense that has proven to be effective for my needs (zoos, travel, family portraits) mainly because of its versatility and the convenience of leaving the lense mounted.

    I can certainly appreciate that this particular lense is "general purpose"; it does a number of jobs admirably, but specific lenses would presumably do individual jobs more precisely.

    In order to ensure the best possible results, I'm planning to schedule a "portait session" and also shoot "spontaneous" images during the party.

    My question becomes: What lenses (or other equipment) would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

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    For shooting outdoors, I'd suggest a powerful flash or a reflector (may need an assistant to hold it) to avoid the harsh shadows that you usually get with bright sunlight.

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    +1 for flash. Eh, it's easier to use than a reflector; no need for an extra pair of hands.

    For portraits, a decent lens in the tele range would not go amiss.
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    Depends if your renting lenses or buying...might try renting a 70-200 2.8, so you can get shots without being in the middle of things. Then a 50mm 1.8 for just over $100 will work for close ups and your portraits.
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