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    Virtual Backgrounds - Scene Machine

    Our photography business has moved locations and doesn't have room for all of our equipment for the foreseeable future. We have had this machine for about 3 years now. It includes everything you need except a tripod and camera. I have for sale the "Scene Machine Digital" that can be viewed on the manufacturers website.
    Virtual Backgrounds
    This includes everything down to the documentation, we also have pre-made background slides that we will include with the purchase. This setup costs over $10,000 new and has been treated very well due to it being such a substantial investment. If you would like any details on it check out the manufacturers website or send me an email. Looking to get $5000, located between Cincinnati and Dayton.

    From the manufacturers Website:
    Most Popular System
    28-80 Zoom Lens
    250 Watt Power Suppy with Remote Control and 1/10 f Stop Increment Adjustment
    Two 6 - Background Carousel Carriers
    Training DVD
    8x8 Screen

    This top of the line virtual background system is perfect for both the studio and location photographer. A special case is available for easy transport and set up. Projector set up can take less than 2 minutes. Scene Machine Digital includes a regular slide carrier plus 2 6 background carousels for instant background changes. The remote control allows the photographer to position the power supply on the floor or at the base of the camera support and can take full control with the remote. Background exposure can range from 7.5 watt seconds to 250 watt seconds in 1/10 f stop units.




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