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    A big little camera

    Found this past weekend at a camera show for about $20. A Zenobia by
    Daiichi Kogaku. It's a 6x4.5 format folder with 75mm f/3.5 lens (Tessar
    type) with shutter from 1 sec to 1/500 plus B and working nicely. Focus
    working smoothly. Bellows look very good. Lens was cloudy/dirty. I pulled
    the rear group and it cleaned up pretty easily. It's clean enough to
    use now but I will clean the front group too. Camera opens and closes
    easily. Chrome is bright and sparkles and I haven't even polished that part
    up yet. Solid feel and heft. Overall, very nice condition for a 50-year old
    camera. Needs one little strip of leather on the back release latch area
    (easy). Came with original worn case.

    I was going to sell it but it's looking like such a little gem, I think I'll
    keep it. Vintage Japanese cameras are tops for long term usability in my

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    A 6x45 folder - absolutely a keeper! Glad it's cleaning up nicely for you. Even if there are light leaks from the bellows, it's not hard to get those replaced.

    :sniffle: It just needs a little love. Can't wait to see some images from it. Great find!

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    Man, I need to start going to the places you go. Nice score, again.
    Thank you. ChrisW

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