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    Question gnome enlarger question

    I have just bought a Gnome enlarger which was well packed, but all it's parts individually packed.
    Inside the dome go the pair of condenser lenses ( convex to convex ), but I also have a squared metal strip on edge, and a round spring collar which looks like a spacer.
    What order should these items be put into the Gnome?
    Also where can I buy a Thorn photographic lamp, 240v x 75w, standard bayonette fitting?

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    I believe [I could be wrong] that you are looking for a P3/3 75w 250V bayonet bulb. They're rather scarce here in the States but they can be Googled up for UK photo equipment suppliers quite easily.

    Your enlarger was made in the 50's by a firm in Wales. They do show up on UK ebay from time to time. You might check that and look for a sale which includes an instruction booklet. Perhaps you can persuade a seller or buyer to sell you a copy of the booklet.
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