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    Senior portrait pricing

    What do you guys think is a reasonable price for senior portraits? A co-worker of my wife saw some of my work and asked if I would be willing to do senior pics for her son. She said that the school photographer is charging $450 and isn't that pleased with his past work. So, I thought I'd have him come by the house, do a few "formal" shots in his tux with studio lighting and then go to a local park for some more casual shots. The "formal" ones would consist of a simple black BG as I don't have props or muslin BGs. I figured I'd probably edit a couple formal shots and maybe 10 or so casual shots and present it to mom. From there, I could send selected ones for printing or let her do it since they will be print ready. If I send them, I will add whatever the actual prints cost. So what is reasonable to ask for this. I figure a couple hours shooting + 2-4 hours editing. I think $150 or 175 is fair, thoughts?
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    I think that seems very reasonable. I have some packages that parents can choose from, typically people get an 8X10, a few 5X7s and around 50-100 wallets and I charge about $250. Good luck with the shoot and I hope you'll share the results with us!

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    My wife saw an add in some coupon paper we got the other day offering 48 wallets for 48 dollars and no sitting fee. No mention of larger sizes but I am sure they could be added a'la'carte or however you spell that.
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