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    Helicon Focus, good?

    Has anyone here ever tried a program called Helicon Focus?

    it is suppose to take multiple images that have a low DOF and create a single image that is more in focus with the other images of different DOF.

    i am looking for something like this as i make a lot biological photos which need to be clear and in focus, but are hard to do cause they are so small (microscopic).

    any other programs that do similar things, maybe better?
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    You are using a microscope?

    Macro photographers use a technique they call 'focus stacking'.

    As I understand it they use several images taken with the focus point slight farther from the lens at each exposure and then combine the images in Photoshop. This ensure all of the subject is in focus.
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    I truly enjoy Helicon Focus, especially the Helicon Remote part, which allows me to take control over my camera from my computer and then set my bracketing, focus intervals and number of shots, hit a button and it takes the whole range of stacking pictures for you. These you load back into Helicon Focus and it does a pretty neat job of stacking it for you. I've never used a microscope with it, but I think it will be worth your while to download a full function trial version and play around with it.




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