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    Dark edge on pictures

    Have recently moved into the world of MF via a Mamaiya 645 Pro. However have just 3 films returned and most have very distinct dark band on the right edge of the frame running from top to bottom.
    I dont believe this to be vinnetting as its not in just the corners.
    I also understand on the mamiya the movement of the curtains is left to right as opposed to vertical.
    Looks like it will have to serviced but can anyone shed any light (excuse the pun) on this problem.
    Hoping its not terminal.
    Thanks in advance

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    Try to orient the neg in the film back?.... now try to see exactly where the bar is in relationship to the back?

    You may need light seals, a pretty common problen in old MF cameras. THe foam rotts n gets gummy like tar. Is that the condition of the seals on your camera?

    You can repalce the seals yourself. Get the Jon Goodman kit form Interslice. The kit has the foam in several thicknesses n strips, self stick, sheets. Clean out the old stuff n install the new, your're good to go.
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    are these on the negs?or are these scans of the pictures you are looking at? if so post an example

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    Were you shooting flash with a wide angle lens and no wide angle diffuser? There are lots of things that could be causing this. Let's gather all of the info on this. It's probably something simple.

    Is this on all of the negs or is this intermittent?
    Was the same lens used for all of these shots?
    Roughly what kind of lighting was used?
    Have the batteries been replaced lately?
    Is the transition line from image to dark band DISTINCT or kinda fuzzy?

    That oughtta get us started.
    Thank you. ChrisW

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