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    Tell me more about this lens

    I am looking for more information on one of my lenses, and I cannot find it on the internet through searching.

    135mm soligor f2.8. From what I've read soligor was a re-seller, of many different lenses, so I am trying to figure out who made this lens. Its a really sharp lens and really suprised because I got it for $40 bucks on ebay. I just want to know some history behind it,

    Front element
    SOLIGOR TELE-AUTO 1:2.8 No. 1685647

    Markings on the side are the fstops as shown, one in green once in black with 5.6 and 2.8 highlighted.

    There is a ridge behind the fstop ring near the mount which has two arrows, pointing opposite towards a red "O" and a green "G".

    There is also "made in japan" on the body.

    what year is this from and who made this?

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