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    hello. im looking to buy a dslr and would like some comments. :]

    im thinking nikon d80 with nikkor 18-200mm lens or canon xsi with canon 17-85mm lens.

    im also interested in wide angle shots and macro photography. suggestions for lenses?

    thanks in advanced.
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    i wanna get into macro too. lens are too expensive atm. right now i just wanna know my camera.

    advice from newbie to newbie. don't format your memory card till you've seen the transfered photos on your computer. i usually dont, but i did this time. now i can't get back the photos i took of the moon. it was so big. 3/4 and real low.
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    It depends on your budget. I'm not a Canon person, so I can't really comment on the gear except to say that the Nikon 18-200 is a more versatile lens than the 17-85 by virtue of it's greater focal length and will cover the entire range from medium wide angle to extended telephoto. That said, it's a very 'Swiss Army' type of lens, and when you make something do too many things, it does none of them especially well. The 18-200 is a step up from most kit lenses, but that's about all it is. Neither of them do macro however. You can either by a separate macro lens, or close-up filters.




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