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    need help with editing/enhancing photo

    I need help with a pic I took of my son today. It was his first day of preschool! I snapped a pic before he got in the car. It was bright outside and he wouldn't hold still long. I have photoshop elements 6 and I was wondering what coul I do to it to enhance it. Any help or if anybody wants to edit it to show me how I can improve it, that would be great!

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    I'm sure other people will jump on the chance to edit a high res photo, but here's my humble attempt. I'm not sure how I feel about it..

    Main thing was going vertical or portrait orientation crop and making the aspect ratio for an 8x10. Tried to blur the background a tiny bit as well, and messed with some colors & lost the sign in the back.


    Here's another - slightly cleaner looking. Decided the blur I did looked like crap in the foreground and extremely unnatural..

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    its pretty good, i might have had him go stand closer to the tree to provide non direct softer lighting. Otherwise its great
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    Here's an edit:

    I reworked the background, so the curb and grass weren't intersecting on his head, as well as taking out the tree growing from it.

    Adjusted colors a bit - but stayed bright to go with your guy.

    Cropped (unfortunately, his feet were already cut off), and removed the sign and a string from his shirt.

    Hope he had a great first day, my boys start next week.





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