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    guilty nishika n8000, film development.

    so today was the first time i ever tried film photography, and my dad gave me a nishika n8000, i bought some 35mm film for it and brought it to a party and used two rolls, the main thing i'm wondering is, because nothing online has really helped me, how do i get it developed? do i need to sent it into the nishika lab? or can i just get it printed at target at costco? should i have just used a holga or a different film camera? is there really no hope for those films?
    because i've seen alot of people say it is really expensive to get 3d film developed, would i be able to just get it developed normally and get the prints?

    sorry i don't really understand the hole printing process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erin2300 View Post
    because nothing online has really helped me
    You didn't try that hard.




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