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Thread: Id love some feedback on my Flickr

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    Quote Originally Posted by LouisRabin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by brush View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by LouisRabin View Post
    Id love some feedback on my Flickr'd love to see some stats on your flickr. If you wanted feedback you'd have looked at how the forum works and posted images for us to CC as everyone else does instead of a link to your photostream so your little stat bar spikes up for the 1 day that you're on the front page of the forum.
    I dont know why you had to be so nasty about it, you could have just told me to do it differently next time especially since this was literally my first post. What's the point of having views if nobody like what theyre looking at. The entire point of me posting here was to see how people liked my pictures and what i could do differently, if i really wanted more views i wouldnt have asked for opinions, just for people to go to the link.
    Actually, you're right. I was a dick & I'm sorry. Didn't have any need to lash out on you for your post. Your n00bieness just happened to be the straw that triggered my inner Hulk for a bit. I visualized some kid sitting there staring at the "2 views" line under an image on his flickr page, wanting to generate more hits, and deciding to set up posts in forums. I was already pissy for various other photography related reasons & was momentarily over it. Even if I was right, who cares, didn't need to lash out on ya.

    What I should've told you is that the way this community seems to work, the best way you'll get results is to embed your pictures directly in the post so nobody has to click away. Choose 2-3 that you want to learn from and copy their BBC codes into the window here. And don't make the mistake so many other people make & follow up your first post with a bump complaining that nobody has C&C'd you. Nothing worse than a false sense of entitlement. Except of course for forum a-holes, so I apologize for temporarily becoming one earlier.

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    Yes, this forum does not like to be a captive audience for someone's family or vacation photos. Its the internet, not your living room with an album or a projector to share with a group of your family and friends.
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    Just looking at a few the eye coloring on your daughter in post is super obvious and looks really bad in a lot of the pics.

    Do away with that like it's the plague right away.

    'mon now
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