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    Concert Pictures

    Are there any tips on taking concert pictures?
    I'll be in the Pit at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles
    it's an outdoor venue at night.
    i am also pretty sure Flash is acceptable, and i am planning to get a Speedlite very soon.

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    Yeah use flash as a last resort. The problem is if you fire your flash you instantly destroy the dynamic lighting that is part of a concert event, unless you carefully slow-sync. Better yet I would put the fastest lens you have on your camera. If you have a 50mm f/1.4 then use it. Then balance your aperture and ISO to get your base exposure. In my recent attempt I opted going for f/1.8 at ISO3200 despite having my flash with me as I simply am not a fan of using a flash in an uncontrolled environment like a concert. Mind you that was by far the darkest concert I have ever experienced so going quite so crazy with the high ISO may not be necessary.
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