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    battery pack help

    I've been looking for a battery pack that i can use for one of my strobes (interfit ex150 strobe kit) but i'm not sure which will actually work with my strobes. the strobes are 100-120V~60Hz, i just want to be able to bring one of the strobes out every now and then to shoot some outdoors stuff.

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    I have the following portable pure sine wave inverter and battery system. It works great as a way to power studio strobes where there is no AC power. It has TWO plug ins,so you can run two monolights quite easily.

    Tronix Explorer 1200, the 115 volt/60Hz model.

    Innovatronix Incorporated | Products
    Compatibility chart
    Innovatronix Incorporated | Products & Services

    The chart lists your strobes as being okay for use.

    Paul C. Buff also produces a similar product, the Vagabond II pure sine wave inverter. It has only ONE plug-in, so you need a power strip to plug in second light unit.

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    I 'built' my own. It might not be ideal, but it works and it's light enough to hang right off of the light stand.




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