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    Backdrops, should I get one?

    I'm an amateur photographer who would like to photograph her dogs inside on a background that is not distracting, preferably solid. They are small dogs, so I don't need a large backdrop.

    I've read that muslins are basically very fragile and like linens, is this true? I also read that you can't even iron them. I would like something that can be ironed and isn't fragile, as well as being not so expensive. Would it just be better for me to go with a top sheet? Because its durable and can be ironed. If you think I should use a muslin, is there a company or site that sells them that you consider reliable? When looking at amazon no one really reviewed the muslins there.

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    Head on over to the nearest Joann Fabrics or some other store and find yoruself a piece of material that you like. Other options are in the bedding section of a store, just find something that doesn't have a reflective shiny surface. If you like the results from yoru "cheap" backdrop then consider something more substantial. There are so many options to buying a pre-made backdrop.

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    For a plain background many pros use seamless paper.

    It comes in a wide variety of colors. Here are 53" x 12 yrd rolls. (4.4 feet x 36 feet)

    savage 53" seamless paper
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