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    any backpack that can meet what I want?

    Hey all,

    I'm just starting to learn about photography (recently managed to pick up a mint Sony Nex 5 for cheap -- not the best beginner's camera, I know, but the price really justified itself), and I've gotta say it's a great community you all have here

    A quick search didn't really yield what I'm looking for which is why I'm making this thread.

    I'm looking for a general purpose backpack (not one designed to specifically hold camera gear) that could also hold a tripod. My preferences:

    1) General purpose (I do alot of traveling/walking/driving around - doesn't need to have a compartment for a camera as I may just pick up a crumpler haven and throw that in there) - I currently only have the nex5 with 1 lens, so I don't really have that much gear to lug around
    2) Aesthetics - I'm a sucker for good looking products so this is a huge bonus if the bag looks good
    3) Needs to be able to hold a 22" tripod, preferably on the outside of the bag
    4) Budget - ~$100, more if the backpack really justifies it

    Thanks for any help, and I apologize if this topic has been beat to death and I couldn't find the threads

    EDIT - this Kata bag looks very close to what I want, the only downside seems to be that there's only one pocket for a tripod/water bottle.. and I don't know whether that pocket can hold a 22" tripod -- the tripod in their pictures seems quite small. Actually, the bag itself also seems too small as well

    EDIT 2 - also really like lowepro's flipside 300 -- only downside is that there appears to be very little cargo room for anything other than camera gear
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    This is the big problem with a lot of the camera bag market - most of them are basically bags made to hold camera gear and offer very little additional storage space for regular gear - whereas if you go for normal bags they often don't have straps strong/suitable enough to support something like a tripod.

    Best I could suggest is the Lowe-Pro minitrekker - however I've a feeling that bag might be off the market (plus it has the tripod mount on the back of the pack not the side so it can be a somewhat far from your centre of gravity).

    Best thing though is to get your gear and head down to a local shop. Considering your demands I'd try a camera shop, but also a regular hiking shop as well.
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    My verdict is that backpacks suck for photography use. They are okay for walking through an airport with. Beyond that, mostly a PITA. others may disagree, but my experience is that almost "any" bag can be rigged to carry a small, 22-inch tripod. And almost *any* camera bag, crumpler, messenger bag, Domke,Tenba,Tamrac,etc.etc., camera bag is a better choice than any backpack, on multiple metrics. Again, my position is that "backpacks suck for photography use".
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