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    Backpacks for trekking

    So I started a thread a little while ago about tripods and backpacks. I got some great info on both and ended up buying a tripod but I am still looking for a backpack.

    The main thing I am wanting is to have multiple uses. I am looking for something with more storage than just fitting a camera, lenses and a little bit of extra gear. I would like to get something that i could use for trekking (i plan on trekking across the US in the summer) and store some clothing and other things. Not looking for a suit case or anything but a backpack.

    I was looking at the naneu K5 or even the k4l but couldnt find anything except the one on ebay for over $400. even naneu doesnt sell them anymore so can anyone help me out with this?

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    Awesome bags... you can pick the size of the ICU (Internal Camera Units) to fit your needs (more clothing, less gear... more gear, less clothing.. etc).




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