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    Question Comparison/Research Questions Ė Canon & Nikon

    I know there are many Canon vs. Nikon threads on this board, but what Iím really looking for are some unbiased answers (or as much as possible. I know this is difficult if you are a fan of a certain system) to my specific questions below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Like most people looking to buy a good quality dSLR Iím trying to decide between Canon & Nikon, more specifically between the Rebel XT, D50, and maybe even the D70s. Therefore, these questions are targeted at Canon & Nikon and certain questions towards the models mentioned above. Although I would really like comments about each point, Iím aware that there are many questions so a rating system from 1-10 would also suffice (10 being the highest). Here we go!

    1. Lenses

    q Quality both optically & mechanically

    q Focal Length Ranges (which manufacturer is know for which specialty? Ex. maybe Nikon makes better wide angle while Canon makes better telephoto)

    q Price (does the manufacturer also offer economy lenses that might be less rugged put still high quality)

    q Special Features (Which manufacturer is know for a certain type of special feature)

    2. Sensors & Image Processors

    q Noise at low level ISO (100-200)

    q Noise at high level ISO (800+)

    q CMOS or CCD (any advantage or disadvantage between the two?

    3. Exposure Systems

    4. Focusing System

    5. CF or SD Memory Card (any advantage or disadvantage between the two?)

    6. Filters (are they even necessary now with such control over photos in programs such as PS?)

    7. External Flash Units

    8. DOF Preview Ability (I understand the D50 does not have it, but the D70s does. Does the equivalent Canon have it? Also, as an amateur, is it something good to have?)

    9. Image Stabilization (not sure, but is this an option on the three dSLRís mentioned above? Is it a good option?)

    I can't think of anything else, feel free to add anything.

    A little about what I think Iíll be using it for. Not sure yet since I donít have it and I donít know what I will enjoy more.
    q Landscape/Scenic
    q Macro
    q Long Exposure Shots (not sure what they are called)

    Again, any help and/or answers would help me out immensely. Iíd like to buy my dSLR within the next 2-3 weeks.
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    Most of these questions could be answered by doing a side by side comparison of the cameras at

    If you want to get technical, the sensor technology is different (CMOS vs CCD) you can google this and read about it for days, if you want.

    Other than might as well ask which brand of hammer to use for building a house. In a real world just does not matter...They are both just very similar tools, they can both get the job done. The accessories are similar or exactly the same.

    I think that the more important issue is how it feels and handles in your hands...and none of us can answer that for you. Go to the store and try each one out, see how it feels and how to access the controls.




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