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    Cool Hello from LAS VEGAS!

    Hello! I am very much new to the world of digital photography. For the longest time, I was just enamored by the ease of a point and shoot digital camera, but hoping the pictures would come out half-way decent.

    So now I am getting married this summer and decided it is a good time to invest is a decent DSLR. I have the honeymoon coming up, which is a once in a lifetime event, then hopefully lots of pictures with family and kids. So I wanted a camera I can capture all of those moments.

    Anyways, I settled on a Nikon D5000. I originally liked the Canon T2i, but I couldn't pass up the bundle Costco offerred. With the D5000, I got a bag, 4 GB SD, 18-55mm and 55-200mm. I come home from work every night and play around with the settings!

    My only frustration is that when it comes time to take an actual photo during an event, I may not know what settings to put it on! I will probably end up taking 10 different pictures just to try out the various settings.

    I can hear it now... "wait one one more!" hahahaha...

    Anyways, living in Vegas there are plenty of great photo opportunities. So I am going to venture out this weekend and post some of my shots. Critiques are appreciated!

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    Hello VV, and welcome to TPF! Getting out and shooting is the best way to learn. I look forward to seeing some of your shots.




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