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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by blissmonkey, Apr 15, 2010.

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    I wonder if anyone has come across a company called "portrait international" which i notice often have stands in WHsmith and shopping malls. Apparently they claim to offer family £10 studio portraits with no sitting fee.

    This low price amazes me and I wonder how photographers stay in business when companies like this are offering such low priced studio photo sessions. Is there some kind of catch?

    Can you really run a business selling your photos for £10 each.


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    Well by the fact that they are it somewhat lends to the idea that yes you can work at £10 a photo.

    However there is far more to consider:

    1) the £10 a photo slogon is a bait method, sure the basic package might be only £10, but they work on the idea of getting in people and then selling them more. Maybe a mug or two with your photo on it or a place mat or paperweight - often as not this is where they will make more money from the customers and thus more profit.

    2) It's not photography as such ;) Well the person shooting is not often a photographer - most of the time the scene is setup, lighting camera and even camera settings are all preset to a designed model so that each result that comes out looks the same. There is limited creativity and most of the time companies like this perfer their "photographers" to be inexperienced so that they don't try experimenting. They just want quick sit - shoot - process - sell and onto the next sale.
    It works on volume budget sales rather than singular works that cost a lot more.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I agree with Overread. The important part (for Portrait International) is getting the client in the door and opening their wallet/purse...even if it's only a small amount. After that, it's all about the add-ons and up-sale.
    The thing I want to know is; what is their average sale from this promotion and how many of these customers become repeat customers?

    And yes, it's like a very efficient set up that is quick & easy but not very creative. Get them in, get them out....

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