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    I'm handing my Art pieces in for my AS at the end of today.

    My teacher thought it would be a good idea to research some artists that focus on light, use a lot of it in their work, or connect their work to light.

    For example, the course I have chosen is photography, connecting to quotes or phrases associated with light.

    Thanks Guys.. any names of artists, or their work would be a tremendous help!
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    Johannes Vermeer (also known as Jan Vermeer) is probably worth looking up... Wikipedia says:
    To tie in with your photography, it is now believed he used a pinhole type camera obscura to project his scenes onto the canvas to help sketch them out...

    He's probably best known for his 'Girl With a Pearl Earring' which inspired a recent film of the same name.

    Some useful links:

    Hope this helps :)

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