Battery Grip for Cannon 5D & NiMH batteries

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    I just bought a battery grip for my 5D. As I pondered threw the manual, it recommends not using the AA batteries under normal circumstances and using normal alkaline batteries is not recommended.

    I have 2200 ma AA NiMH batteries which are quite more than the Canon batteries that are rated at only 1300 ma. Have any of you done this any does it dramatically increase shots before battery change? Thanx.
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    If you bought the BG-E4 then it will use the BP511A battery that came with the camera. Get a second battery and don't worry about batteries. I get well over 2000 shots before mine needs recharged. It however is the BG-E2 for the 30D. If you just have to use batteries in an emergency use NiMH batteries. I carry two sets for my 580EX that are always charged.

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