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    I'm starting in the medium format, and I buy a bronica etrs on ebay, the camera are in good condition, comes with two backs 120 and 220, a two lens 50mm an 150mm.

    but when I test the camera with the 50mm lens, the obturator do not open.

    I cock the shutter, (with the film back out) and the when I shot, I'm don't see any light through the lens , and the red light stays on. :thumbdown: This situation happens moreless 5 in 4 shots. because some times the obturator works fine and the red light turns on and off and stays off.:thumbup:

    I think that is a lens problem, because with the 150mm lens this situation don't happens... I right?:confused:

    I shot a 120, and everything was ok, because when the light was on, I cock the shutter in the position of multiple exposure.

    what is the problem?

    can you help me? someone with the same problem?



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