Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve - A HIDDEN JEWEL in KL

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    This morning I woke up early and boarded two buses to Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. I was a bit apprehensive at first because the idea of a forest reserve at the heart of Kuala Lumpur is impossible. But, I was taken aback and I truly enjoyed my two and a half hours hiking to the forest.

    It was a splendid and unforgettable experience for me!! Later, I was impressed knowing that Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve was gazetted as a permanent reserved Forest since 1906. WOW!!! That is a whooping 103 years of protective status given to the forest! NO KIDDING!!

    Here are some photos from my hiking trip:

    Picture 1 - Holed but still A.L.I.V.E


    Picture 2 - Mr. Arrow a.k.a MR GREEN


    Picture 3 - The forest


    Feel free to check out my photo blog and travelogue:



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