Buying advise. Sony DSLR and Zeiss lenses

Discussion in 'Digital Discussion & Q&A' started by Lotus54, May 1, 2008.

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    I've been looking at the 'new' Sony DSLR cameras for awhile now.
    I started looking at the A100, then the A700 and cheaper ones came out.

    Is the A100 a 'good buy' now since it is discontinued? Or am I better to spend considerably more cash on the 700?

    I was looking at buying the SAL-1680Z - Carl ZeissĀ® Vario-Sonnar T* DT 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 lens.
    They are fairly expensive (at just under $700 street).
    I know from my experience that the lens makes a huge difference. The film cameras I've had with excellent lenses produced considerably better results.

    I'm not locked into the Sony, but I did like the A100 when I tried one and would like to have a great lens. That is one reason I was considering getting an A100 now (seems to be around $300-$350 used) and spend the extra on the good lens.


    Oh yeah, types of photography I like. Along with the 'general' pics I'll take- what I really like are fairly small vignettes of nature. Not huge scenics that much, but rather I like to pick out a smaller feature and explore that.
    I was using a 4x5 view camera, but it just takes too darn long and is too big for me to carry around. I really liked the control that those give but I don't have the time right now to invest that would receive the benefits.


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    If your two choices are:
    1. a cheaper body with Zeiss glass
    2. a more expensive body with kit lens or some other cheaper lens manufacturer.
    I would defenetly buy the cheap body. The only thing that would make me change my mind is if
    1. i am going to be printing out very large pictures since newer body usually have more pixels.
    2. i am going to be shooting quite often in low light since newer bodies tend to deal with high ISOs in a less noisy way.

    I wish Zeiss made K-Mount zooms... Nah, actually i wouldn't have the money to buy them!

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