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    I'm a photo student trying to find a cheaper way to buy paper because it gets too expensive. Typically, when buying on ebay or wherever the paper is unopened of course but old. How long can paper, such as Ilford, be stored before it becomes unusable? Also, any suggestions of online stores where I can buy supplies at a cheaper price?
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    Have you tried freestyle (link in the top right of this page)? My photo class requires neutral tone glossy variable contrast fiber paper, so I bought the freestyle brand (arista edu), and a pack of 8x10 100 sheets was only something like $42 (before shipping). A pack of Ilford multigrade locally (we only have one photo store, and they only sell ilford paper) is $87, if I remember correctly. Freestyle also had really good prices on all the other stuff I needed. As for old paper, I haven't had any experience with it. I'd think it would depend on exactly how old, what conditions it was stored in (high temperatures can cause fogging), etc.

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