Cheap Wide Prime?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Bobby Ironsights, Dec 21, 2007.

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    Hi, I'm not shooting 35mm much anymore, but I do like some of the pictures I used to get, when I'd go out for dinner. Problem was, my 50mm is too long for small restauraunt table use.

    Anyone got any Ideas? I'm thinking of just cruising flea-bay, until I can find an oldie, cheap, and then buying a back to match, but I like the ergonomics of my EOS system, and I'd like to keep it.

    Canon branded EOS lenses are fairly dear, and they don't have a great selection of non-L primes. Too damned many zooms!

    Can anyone recommend a cheaper second party manufacturer of prime lenses for the EOS system?

    I'm OK compromising in image quality, a bit, because I can't see losing $450 on a lens to document the occasional family dinner.

    But I'm also not using flash as that would disrupt the evening. I will be pushing tri-x one or two stops, using a fairly low contrast developer, and then a higher contrast paper.
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    I have the Sigma 24mm f/1.8 ~$300

    - Noisy AF
    - 2 steps to get it into MF mode

    However, it's great for the price.
    - sharp. Mine is even real sharp at f/1.8! Unbelievable!
    - MF feels natural (i'm not a manual focuser but I like manual focusing with this)
    - real fast
    - build quality feels real good and solid

    Anyway, I'd buy it again, no question.

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