Darkroom sink. Portable and complete.

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    This is a complete, self-contained, professional quality black and white darkroom sink in a compact double-decker design. Double-decker sink design saves floor space, but allows professional quality results.

    Hose bib hookup. Hook up to any threaded hot and cold faucets just like a washing machine. Each sink has its own faucet and drain.

    Built in Leedal Photo Thermometer thermostatically controls water temperature. Accurate to 1/4 degree F for consistent results. Hot and cold water filters.

    All copper plumbing and brass faucets/drains throughout. No rust.

    Redwood and marine plywood contruction. Sinks water-proofed with two-part marine wood sealers and heavy chemical resistant marine varnish. Water tight; no leaks. Easy cleanup.

    Each sink measures 24" deep x 32" wide inside dimension. Accommodates all four developing trays (developer, stop, fixer, wash) up to 16" x 20" size. Also has separate water supply hookup for a print washer.

    Overall dimensions: 33" wide. 29" deep. Backboard is 66-1/2" high. Will fit through any standard size door.


    Pickup in Alameda, CA
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