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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by PreludeX, Feb 10, 2006.

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    So far, i absolutly love the print quality of this printer, the inks are spendy, but last a good deal of time... anyone have or use one? i use mainly Moab Entrada 190 13x19, Moad Entrada 300 8.5x11, Ilford Gallerie Smooth Pearl and Epson glossy paper, what is your favorite type of paper ?
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    Prelude, I moved this from Off Topic to where it might get some more views, and replies. :)

    Hard to go wrong with Epson these days, isn't it? I have a 2200 that I've run several paper types through, and it handles just about everything beautifully. I like the Epson semi-gloss and glossy.

    What's fun, and something I like to recommend to folks, is to send off for inket samplers from various manufacturers. You might start with Luminos - they have a beautiful sampler set you might enjoy. Good luck!

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