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    I cleaned out the darkroom and found a ton of stuff to get rid of. I hope I'm not breaking the rules if I mention some of the stuff is on ebay. Anyway, The interesting stuff is old photographic paper in unopened boxes. It should still be good even though it is way expired. I may try to use some of the opened stuff to verify that it is good. The best is:

    An unopened box of 100 sheets of Kodak Ektalure G Photographic Paper, 8X10 inch size. Good luck finding this anywhere else. It was discontinued 7 years ago, and this box has been stored in a climate controlled darkroom. KODAK EKTALURE Paper is a medium-speed, single contrast, warm-tone, double-weight, black-and-white, fiber-base paper. It is designed for making enlargements and contact prints with reduced illumination. EKTALURE Paper is particularly suited to portraiture and to display and salon work. You can also use it for copy and restoration work, fine-art applications, and hand-coloring. Ektalure is a paper unlike any other. Moreover, it has a weight and sturdiness to it that puts into a category all to itself.
    Technical info available here:

    If you are interested, this is up on ebay, email me at:
    I have a ton of other stuff, mostly safelights and paper and chemicals, so email me if interested. Can I post auction links here? Anyone interested in basically buying a whole darkroom setup?


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