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    Long time film guy...relative newcomer to digital. Very very new with PS CS2...or any other version for that matter.

    Well I'm not a believer in snake oil, but I found an online deal for GF and thought I would give this a try.

    First off it works very easily. I took a 6.1 MP photo of our Christmas tree. Then I isolated on 1 tiny ornament and blew it up 5 times in each direction. Then I enlarged it to an 8.5 X 11 at 200 DPI.

    The end result would have represented what would have been about a 50 ft tall enlargement had it been the entire tree. Well I won't say the result is tack sharp because it isn't. Nor did I expect it to be. OTOH it was recognizable for what it was and much detail was still there. At a distance of 30 feet it started to look pretty good again. I would view a 90 ft photo from AT LEAST that distance.

    I want to try this again as I have time...but so far this thing looks amazing.

    Updates to follow.

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    GF is pretty amazing. A friend of mine made a poster out of a web-sized image of mine. I was pretty amazed. It doesn't create detail that isn't there, but is very good at fooling the eye into seeing more.

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