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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by SCguy, Nov 1, 2008.

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    Just got back from the local fleamarket with two tools, a radio, and a box of old books. Total cost- $35


    Knipex Alligator Pliers NIP 7" - $10
    Knipex Alligator Pliers NIP 10" - $15
    Radio (replaced the radio in a family car that was tape/am, with a chrysler infinity unit w/ cd player) $5
    Books: Bunch of old racing books:


    I havent looked them all up, but one book alone (The Mudge Pond Express by Sam Posey) is selling for $84 on Amazon.

    Interesting books:

    BMC 'A' Series Tuning Manual (Morris, Sprite, Midget, A35, A40)
    Grand Prix Guide - Edition Kreuzer (German)
    Opel Repair manual- (GT, Kadett, 1900, Manta 1966-1973)
    The Unfair Advantage- Mark Donahue 1975 edition (Selling on Amazon for $175!)

    In total, I bought 34 auto racing related books from an older gentleman for...


    Im psyched!

    Not only that, but I am getting my pictures published and the publishers are picking them up today!


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    awesome! I like your style!

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