Hanimex Praktica Super TL with 2 Lenses - $180 OBO

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    This is a Hanimex Praktica Super TL, an amazing vintage SLR camera. Classic 35mm film. It is all manual perfect for hobby or student. Looks great and works amazingly! It was made in East Germany sometime in the 60's.

    Included are:

    Hanimex Praktica Super TL

    2 Lenses
    Pentacon auto 50mm f/ 1.8 with Lens Cap
    Hanimar Auto Telephoto 1:3.5 f=135mm No. 72609

    Case for Hanimex Praktica Super TL Camera
    Pouch for Hanimar Auto Telephoto Lens

    Everything is in good condition,
    Contact me if you are interested!

    Payment method: Paypal



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