Hasselblad ELX/ELM battery replacement!

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Mitica100, Feb 7, 2004.

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    A replacement for Hasselblad's ELX or ELM camera at a fraction of cost! I built a replacement which uses a regular 9V battery, eliminating all the re-charging, NiCad memory and availability problems of the old Varta rechargeables, which were discontinued a few years ago.

    It fits nicely inside the battery compartment of the ELX/ELM and it's very easy to install. It delivers about 400 shots per battery, after which you must replace the 9V battery. A traditional Varta battery costs around $50 and it is not as reliable as a 9V battery! I sell my replacement at $30.00 plus shipping/insurance.

    The cost of this replacement is actually less than one Varta battery!! One could also use this as a back-up battery.

    E-mail me at mitica100@aol.com for more details and/or questions.

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