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    I can't figure out how to layer two different photos in Corel Paint Shop
    Pro Photo X2. I can duplicate the same photo and work with those
    Anyone know how? I need Photo B layered under Photo A (in this case so I can erase portions of Phot A to let portions of Photo B show thur Photo A).
    I have th X2 book but it's not clear in there (about this).

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    1. Load in your first photo into Paintshop Pro.

    2. Go up to Edit at the top and choose/click on Copy

    3. Clear first photo and load in second photo.

    4. Go up to Edit and click on Paste as New Layer

    5. You now have 2 layers with 2 different photos.

    6. At the right hand side of your screen the layer menue should show up along with a transparency slider at 100%.

    7. Adjust the slider according to how you want to merge the two layers.


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