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    Went to see Lonnie Brooks at Fitzgeralds Nightclub, Berwyn IL, on 2/22/08. Took some shots (like over 300) with D80, 50mm F/1.8. Shot with the aperture wide open and ISO cranked to the max. I didn't use any flash. This is the first time I've ever taken photos at a club/concert. Pics are very grainy. Also colors are a little strange because the house used a ton of yellow lighting with some blue lighting thrown in. These are a few of my favorites.

    1. Stage before the show. Everything there looked really yellow. I think this photo is a good representation of the look under those colored lights.

    2. My friend Donny. I threw this in cuz of the DOF, I think it looks kinda cool.

    3. Workin for tips here.

    4. Lonnie Brooks center. Lonnie's son Wayne to his right. Andre on bass.

    5. Lonnie

    6. Wayne letting a guy in the crowd get a little guitar time.

    7. 2nd set here. House switches to mostly blue light.

    8. Lonnie under blue

    Any comments welcome.


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