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    G'day. This is just an open thread for anyone with information about the new M-rock EXTREME line of camera bags or their experience with Mrock bags. I am unsure whether to wait for the new ones are buy the (discounted) older model. Emailed M-rock a few days ago but no reply, so while I wait I posted this thread. Here is the press release from PMA.


    I am looking to get a yellowstone (extreme 511) for my d80 as I whenever possible I am go on walkabout in some adventerous outdoor places and with their design, lifetime warrenty and glowing reviews their just about perfect. However I can only see some aesthetic diferences between the extreme 511 yellowstone and the ordinary one; nothing substantial.

    old Yellowstone (check press release for shot of neww one - the 511)

    SO anyone know anything?

    Matt Keks


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