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Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by Belinda Rowe, Mar 9, 2004.

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    This was on the island of Mallorca in the northwest corner in an area called Sa Calobra, beautiful! Was a little overcast and sometimes foggy, but breathtaking.
    More Sa Calobra
    Comments appreciated!!
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    hi belinda, nice shots looks like a lovely area!

    just a few quick notes:

    1. I really appreciate the fact that you were wiling to get to cliffs edge to take this shot! However, something is missing here :scratch: I don't quite get the sheerness of the dropoff for some reason. Perhaps putting a familar object somewhere the in the photo (like a flower grower out of the side of the cliff, a human leaping or something in that nature would give it more perspective)

    2. My favourite of this lot...its a bit dark - but it looks like the lighting is nearly there (dramatic lighting is there harding thing to catch!) . One suggestion is that you can cheat by using the lighting effects in pshop to make the foreground plants stand out more and darken the rest slight (try omni lighting)

    3. This reminds of the some of the lakes in Tasmania... its a smidgeon to dark for my tastes, try adjusting the levels here (the middle slider) to get the midtones to show more.

    Mallorca certainly looks like a lovely place... if i ever get the chance to visit Europe again, i'll make a point to get there. Thanks for sharing those Belinda!!

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