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    I i would be happy to give someone a hand in retouching.

    My favorite parts are:
    Portait, skin cleaning, retouching, cleaing photos from dust, scratches (usually which comes from film scans or photo scans),
    removing small parts/things from pictures, restoring old photos.

    In general i like more precise work (cleaning, reouching, fixing photos) rather than artistic/creative. But i do both if needed.

    Click here for a few samples and a bit more information.

    If you have a bunch of photos coming every day and have no time to edit, i could do some, or all parts for you.
    Im flexible guy and my services have very reasonable prices.

    Preferable online payment system: PayPal

    (forgive me if i did posted this topic in a wrong place... just have not found category for services on TPF)

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