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    This Friday my school is doing a senior sponsored tailgate, we do them every game but this time they decided to announce it to everyone, and I am getting some pictures for the paper.

    I'm not entirely sure as to which ISO film I should use. The tailgating starts at 5:30 and ends once the game starts at 7:30. says the sun will be going down at 7:13 but I'm going to double check tonight. I think either 100 or 200 will be fine for the lighting conditions but once the sun is right at the horizon I don't really know what I should do.

    Also I don't have much experience doing people and was wondering if there were any techniques you use to capture real moments, rather getting an unwanted pose. I will be using 28-105mm and 17-40mm lenses. Should I use a flash? I currently only have the build in flash and I can't use it with the 17-40mm.


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    It depends on your style, but for versatility I like ISO 400 neg film. I can shoot it at 200 or 800 if I need to, and the prints will still look good.

    Using a flash will draw more attention to you, so if you want to be inconspicuous I'd try to stick with natural lighting as much as possible. Just wander around with your camera in your hands. If someone catches your eye just say "Hi, I'm taking some pics for the paper, don't mind me." Soon enough they will be distracted by something else.

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