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    I work for a medical supplies company and they want me to start shooting their product photography. I will be using my digital camera (D70s) & flash (sunpak 555) but they want me to purchase a white backdrop of some kind and some lights to get started. I have no idea where to begin. Does anyone recommend a backdrop system (I'll be shooting products as large as wheelchairs with people sometimes using the products.) What kind of lights, lamps, or flashes? I've been shooting for 10 years but never ventured into product or studio work so any help is much appreciated!!

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    Photography is such a varied profession from architectural to underwater and everything in between and outside . Accordingly the only thing in common is that you use a camera. You would need either a couple of stands and cross bar to carry a roll of background paper or depending on your ceiling height, use a couple of "polecats" to support a roll of paper. The main problem will be your lighting which may be able to be done with your existing flash bouncing of the ceiling. Direct flash will cause too many objectionable shadows. You, though may need more flash power, which will need you purchasing at least one flash pack. You can use tungsten lighting, but flash is better for keeping your colour balance correct. trust this helps.
    Good luck, Philip

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