Questions about turning photography in full-time career

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    Back in the day when I did commercial photography I used to spend a lot of my time making sales calls. You can't really do that with retail photography so that would mean advertising and marketing. Nothing would get me involved in retail photography personally.

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    First off you need money, money to fall back on when the business isn't going great and in photography certain times of the year it flatlines, I found the period between Christmas and Easter the worst time to make a penny which is why I always had a pre-Christmas deal well advertised in local rags plus online marketing, the money coming in from that kept me solvent till the summer weddings spree. Apart from what the above posters mention your ability to comminicate positively with other professionals (businesses) and creative ideas to conjure up work is another must, its no good announcing you're opening up on your local high street then sitting back expecting customers to just start rolling through the door, it won't happen till your 'name' is out there and even then photography is a luxury item which many won't bother with unless its a big family occasion, as for equipment and the ability to use all of it effectively plays a big part, its no good buying lots of stuff you might only use once or twice in a career and so you need also to target your purchasing towards the sector of the market you're hoping to serve. All business is a risk, a business selling 'dreams' needs to be top notch so snappy snaps aint gonna cut it either.

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