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    So I'm looking to experiment with off camera flash... but... I have a manual ricoh kr-5.

    I would assume I would need some kind of hotshoe -> pc adapter? Not sure if there is such a thing though for my ricoh :\ wouldn't want to mess anything up in my 16$ camera.

    I'm guessing I could maybe use one made for a pentax camera~

    Alright, that out of the way.. can anyone suggest a flash that would work with my camera? and if so :3 could I use a sb-800 in slave for more flashes?

    I'm not entirely familiar with strobes and how they communicate with eachother/cameras so I'd be greatful for any help. And yes, I visit strobist on a daily basis. I have all sorts of ideas but I want to be able to use them with my film camera :)
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    You could use a slave. Or, you could use something like a Vivitar 283 flash
    with sensor extension. The sensor goes on the camera's flash shoe and
    the flash is elsewhere at the end of the extension cord.

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