Sharpening soft photos

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    Here's an interesting method of sharpening. It doesn't always work, but sometimes it can squeeze out a bit more detail out of a soft photo. It's usually way too strong for a photo that starts out with normal sharpness.

    Make a new layer that is a copy of the background layer.

    Set blending mode to luminosity.

    Copy the new layer 3 more times.

    Starting with the top layer: run USM at 500%, 4.0, 0, and set the opacity of the layer to 13%

    On the next layer down: run USM at 500%, 2.0, 0, and set the layer opacity to 25%

    On the next layer: USM 500, 1.0, 0, layer opacity 50%

    On the last of the copied layers: USM 500, 0.5, 0, opacity 100%

    Flatten layers if it looks good. Sometimes I fool with the opacity or sharpening effect of the top most layer (USM 500, 4.0, 0), or even delete it.


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