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    I have some studio equipment I am selling as I am now shooting all on-location. I will list all the items individually and if your interested in any just let me know and I can send you more info with pictures. Please feel free to make any offer's as I am looking to sell this stuff ASAP. I have listed all prices that I paid for items in () to give you an idea what they cost if ordered new. To keep things simple all prices include shipping to lower 48. My email -

    * Backdrop Alley White Backdrop 92x120" - $40 (79.95)
    * Amvona 10x12 Galaxy Muslin - $50 (89.95)
    * Amvona 10x12 Anuka Muslin - $50 (89.95)
    * Studio Dynamics 10x20 Kashmir Muslin w/bag - $90 (178.95)
    * Studio Dynamics 10x20 Alicia Muslin w/bag - $90 (178.95)
    * Westcott portable background system 10' - $100 (174.95)
    * Westcott Halo Mono - $100 (187.75)
    * Westcott scrim jim 42x72" with white/silver/translucent - $185 (249.95)
    * Pelican #1600 Hard Case w/lock - $75 (125)
    * A bunch of Misc GNP frames - let me know if your interested and I can send you more details.

    I plan on listing most of this on ebay in the next couple of days but I wanted to post on here first. If your local and want to pick it all up make an offer for the whole lot! Thanks!


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